Terms and Conditions effective 1/9/2019 are:

  1. Offer is limited to the first 50 enquirers with Australian mortgages and ends 11:59pm on 30/9/2019 as we can’t work with everyone, we are both Finance Brokers and Accountants at a busy time of the year (but $50 for the first 50 has a nice ring to it!);
  2. You must have a variable rate home loan balance of at least $250,000 that has not been refinanced or renegotiated in the last twelve months;
  3. You must not have any restrictions on your existing home loan that would prevent you from saving money like being on a fixed rate loan, have adverse credit, loan term exceeding expected retirement time frame without a valid exit strategy, or have insufficient equity in your property (less than 20% equity in the lender-appointed valuation);
  4. We must know all your details as requested for us to make a proper assessment, this means filling out our easy online Fact Find and providing supporting documentation (like payslips and identification).